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Why Zoe Saldana Is Cool Buying Her Sons’ Clothes In The Girls’ Section

When shopping cheap sexy clothes for clothes for her three sons, Zoe Saldana cares more about whether her kids like the clothes than the section in which she finds them. In an interview with plus size womens clothes Refinery29, the Guardians of the Galaxy actress explained how she picks out toys and clothes for Zen, her youngest son whom she welcomed earlier this year, and 2-year-old twins, Bowie and Cy. For her, it’s all about what her kids like, whether it’s a color, design or another detail of the clothing. We choose it because they need pants, plus size shapewear they need shirts, and things like that, she said. But if they have a preference of a color or a shape or a person or an animal or a story, we will never choose things for them because of their gender. Saldana then told Refinery29 that her twins have actually been mistaken for girls because she and her husband, artist Marco Perego, dress them quite colorfully. Marco and I are elated to share the news of the the birth of our son Zen. We couldn’t feel more blessed with the new addition to our family. threeboys… oh boy!&34; A post shared by Zoe Saldana (zoesaldana) on Feb 18, 2017 at 9:16am PST Saldana expressed the same sentiments in an interview with People earlier this month. She said Cy and Bowie have particularly been into picking out their shoes. Their preference? Different pairs of glittery, bright pink trainers. We get them their masculine ones. They don’t like those, she said. They want the glitter, the glitter bright pink ones, and we’re like, so be it. The mom of three also said she never avoids the girls’ section when shopping for her kids, who like wearing leggings and lots of color. Saldana simply wants to make sure her sons enjoy picking out their clothes. So we find ourselves always sliding into the girls’ section, and we have fun. The HuffPost Parents newsletter, So You Want To Raise A Feminist, offers the latest stories and news in progressive parenting.

New Bodysuit Line Will Be Your Go To Wedding Shapewear

The Kardashians are the queens of capitalizing on their genetic assets, and when it comes to the merch game, Khloé Kardashian and her sisters are the biggest name in the business. So it will come as no surprise to hear that Khloé Kardashian’s personal denim line, Good American, is now expanding its business to bodysuits—a perfect, sexy accessory to add to your wedding day attire.

Good American, which opened shop in October 2016, has made its name in inclusive denim designs—a brand that offers sizes for all ranges of body types, from 00 to 24. This week, Kardashian is broadening her brand to an even wider audience by offering a line of form fitting bodysuits so you too can copy those Kardashian curves.

Eleven new bodysuits will be added to the line this Thursday, which will be ready to pair with her e boutique’s denim line. The line includes suits that vary in style and cut, such as lace up; asymmetrical one shoulder; and sheer, bedazzled designs. In addition, some of the bodysuits are said to have compression features to raise your wedding day shapewear game to a new level. Kardashian posted a sneak peak of one of the new bodysuits to her Instagram account, adding in the caption that she has « been keeping this a secret for almost a year » and that she « wanted to give you all something that is a natural fit for GA, and like all of our products, designed to fit your body! »

This isn’t Kardashian’s first foray in bodysuit sales; Kardashian’s other line, DASH, which she shares with her two older sisters, also offers a wide variety of seductive bodysuits.

While it’s still up in the air whether or not Khloe and her beau Tristan Thompson have plans to tie the knot, we do know that she’ll have the perfect attire for when her big day comes.

Which fashion brands cater to older women?

One of the most irritating things about maidenform shapewear buying clothes when you’re older is that no one seems to take into account the fact that, short or tall, fat or thin, your shape changes. How many times have you screwed your courage to the sticking place and faced the unforgiving fitting room, clutching what you’re sure is the perfect frock for you, only to discover that the waist is in the wrong place and the bustline appears to be some three inches north of where you’d like it to be? Buttoned fronts invariably gape because the fastenings are in the wrong place; waistbands pinch, roll and sit around your ribs or on your hips; high necks strangle, low necks bag out; and no one accommodates a proper tum or a bum larger than a satsuma. Given this apparent oversight you would be excused for thinking that the looser, outsize shapes beaming down to us from Planet Fashion this season are good news. Alas, I fear you will almost certainly find that where these apparently forgiving shapes are meant to fit – and they will be meant to fit on at least one point of the body – they won’t, or at least they won’t on you. Oh, fashion, you do make it hard for us to love you.

The question for me, as I inch closer to 60, is, what is this about really? Is it just about the A word, by which I mean age (or perhaps ageism), or is it just tunnel vision about the size and shape of most women, by which I mean « we’re all different, get over it »? Is fashion fundamentally ageist and sizeist, or is it just that the aesthetic imperative rules no matter what? These are big questions to hit you with midweek and I don’t know the answer but I suspect it largely depends on the pool in which you fish. If you can afford to fish in Chanel, you may well have the kind of figure that doesn’t challenge the brand’s idea of skinniness as the norm. If you shop in the upmarket high street of L K Bennett, Whistles, Jigsaw or Hobbs, then you’re entitled to hold the expectation that something other than Twiglet proportions will be catered for – and it’s interesting that a quick scan of the LKB website indicates that the larger sizes (16/18) sell out much faster than the teensy ones, which often end up in the sale. Vivienne Westwood’s designs are eminently suitable for older women – her new campaign features Leslie Winer, an older model, and she has three different ranges to suit different expenditures: Anglomania, Red Label and Gold Label.

The rise and rise of online shopping, with its speedy delivery and (usually) excellent customer service, has helped us a lot in one way and very much not helped us in another. It is much kinder to your battered self esteem to try your Agent Provocateur or Myla in the privacy – and kinder lighting – of your own bedroom, but I for one am often defeated by the sheer volume of choice and finish up ordering nothing after wasting an evening sifting through thousands of options. I theorise that because online shopping removes the delightful touchy feely aspect of clothes buying and relies on sight only, instead of employing all five senses, it might make for a more efficient shopping experience but ultimately a less pleasurable one.

SNL s curviest star is fed up with seeing this one style of plus-size clothing

Bryant revealed her desire to create a clothing line stemmed from noticing plus-size women are only ever given two real choices when it comes to fashion.

In an interview with The Cut, Bryant opened up about feeling that as a plus-size woman, she’s either expected to dress super casually or very fashion-y, both looks she doesn’t feel fit her.
“I feel like there’s almost two zones of plus-sized clothing, » she said. « It’s either full sweatpants and huge T-shirts and elastic waist jeans, or it’s hyper-trendy with a shoulder, a bow, a button, a print, a zipper.”

She’s looking to start her own line that’s a little less BAM, but still cool.

“It’s almost like, ‘These girls have never had style, we’re going to throw it ALL at them.’ And I so often am longing for something that’s a little easier, cooler,” she revealed.“Stuff you can wear every damn day to run errands and go to meetings, that isn’t a full party dress but isn’t, like, sweats. Flattering but still comfortable.”

The line is also going to offer options for women who want to wear clothing that isn’t black or « sack »-like.

“I’m just trying to get the things that I have access to out there for the masses — like when I wanted something cool to wear to a meeting or an audition or whatever and not just be wearing a black sack,” she said. “Although I love a black sack. Black sack is my mainstay. But if you don’t have a choice, you’re trapped, you know?”

Black sacks are great for days that you want to wear a black sack. However, if you want to wear something a little more exciting, Bryant has you covered.

No word on when the line is dropping, but if it’s anything like the clothes Bryant already wears, we can’t freaking wait.

The Understated Elegance of the Airline Scarf

In an airport, there is not much to do but wait, and watch. Our fellow passengers tend to dress as if planning to attend a pajama party at 35,000 feet, of course, while the professionals dress professionally. Amid the terminal boredom, we find ourselves comforted by a pilot’s winged badge, oddly transfixed by a gate agent’s epaulets and charmed by what may be the last remaining glamorous thing about flying commercial, which is the scarf worn by the woman pleading for laggards to fold up their tray tables. While not all female flight attendants wear scarves, the attitude exemplified by Air Canada’s uniform guide — ”Wear your scarf at all times!” — is common enough to keep the item tightly knotted to the iconography of the job. In a traveler’s wishful moments, the panache of the scarf can perk up a slog of a trip with the hint of a colorful jaunt.

In the 1930s, when women entered commercial aviation as stewardesses, they were registered nurses, and they dressed the part in smocks and white caps. In time, the uniform evolved away from the medical toward the pseudomilitary and beyond. Kathleen M. Barry, author of “Femininity in Flight: A History of Flight Attendants,” believes that scarves began entering the picture in the late 1960s. It was an age of carriers’ quickly cycling through new designs, of uniform regulations encouraging shorter skirts and greater self-expression and, with a 1970 anti-discrimination decision in Diaz v. Pan American World Airways, Inc., of male flight attendants in their inevitable neckties. “Scarves fit well with the greater variety and more casual, youthful look,” Barry told me.

How to pack effectively for a fashion-filled vacation

Lisa Danielle shares her maidenform shapeweartop tips on packing to arrive looking fashionably fresh.

Over the years, I have had to travel for work, shooting content for brands in some amazing locations. It comes with it pros and cons, but the main obstacle I have had to overcome has been what to pack and how to keep looking fresh on my travels.

My first tip, is that when you’re booking flights, make sure they don’t have cheeky hidden fees for extra baggage. If they do (Ryanair, I’m looking at you), add it on before you get to the airport, this will save you the argument with your partner at the counter on who didn’t check the fine print, and potentially a lot of money!

My second tip, is if you’re traveling with your partner, kindly remind him (or her) that you’re going to need at least half their suitcase room/ Really, all they should need to pack is a camera and a pair of swimming trunks.

Image credit: Lisa wears TL by Turquoise Lane.

Third tip, choose your shoes wisely, these take up a lot of room and can get heavy. I make sure I have a pair that will suit most occasions and match almost anything I am wearing. You better leave some space for the shoes you’ll buy while on vacay, right?

Fourth tip – this is a new one for me that I tried out on my latest trip to the US and Europe. Clothes get crinkled in your suitcase, it’s a given, so this time I purchased a hand held steamer for $35 from Kmart. It saved my life many times and while it is a little big, I just put it in my partner’s suitcase, problem solved! One thing I did notice was that it didn’t quite work with US power points, it may have had something to do with the power voltage, so double check before you commit.

Lisa wears Spell & The Gypsy Collective.

Finally, my fifth tip is that when you get to your destination, go outside and have a look around for great shoot locations. Take note of the colour of the walls, flowers, cars etc. Then, try match elements of your outfit to the location, it almost always makes for a better photo.

Leave It to Bella Hadid to Make Shapewear Look Très Chic

With her revival of the ‘90s bandana top and reclaim of denim on denim, there’s no denying that Bella Hadid is the queen of upgrading fashion trends to fit her own style. And her latest Bella-fied ensemble is all the proof you need.

The youngest Hadid sister recently stepped out during Paris Fashion Week in this fierce outfit below. And nope, your eyes do not deceive you, those are indeed shapewear shorts the Victoria’s Secret model is strutting around in.

Now, shapewear has certainly come a long way since the girdles of the ’60s — and even arm SPANX is a thing now — but it’s rarely used as a basis to any outfit. Nonetheles, the stylish 20-year-old has managed to create a whole lewk around these control top shorts.

The specific curve-hugging shorts the fashionista donned are $58 Classic Commando Control Shorts, People Style reports. They provide a thigh- and stomach-slimming effect — in addition to pulling together Hadid’s Parisian-chic look, of course. The thought of shapewear as a trend may sound odd, but we can’t deny that Hadid is truly working these control top shorts.

Perhaps there are more uses for shapewear than we thought. Thanks for the inspo Bella.